A4, Tubing


We are excited to offer; as some of the first in the whole of Myanmar, tubing trips down the river. This is an opportunity to experience Hsipaw in a unique way that very few have had the privilege of experiencing before. Starting from the jetty in town the more ‘adventuresome’ will float down the river for around an hour and a half floating through multiple Shan villages and ending the trip at our Riverview Lodge where our friendly staff will be anxiously awaiting your arrival with a dry towel and a cold beverage. When you are ready to head back into town we can offer transportation or you can take the more adventuresome walking tour of the villages you just saw from the river. The walk back will take about 30 minutes so plan on a 2 and a half to 3 hour time commitment. The best time to go is around 4.30 pm as many locals are out in the water. Be some of the first to experience the river in this way and with any luck the local village kids will swim out after you and escort you for a while.

Please understand that your safety is our concern, although life jackets and tubes are available we advise against anyone going who does not know how to swim. There are also certain times of the year (during Rainy Season especially; usually June to October) where the river is very high and dangerous at which point tubing down the river will not be an option.