B3, Waterfall (active Aug to Feb only), Shan Villages and Boat Trip 7 or 8 hrs round trip

Walk through rice fields, to the 100ft height waterfall with, a nice pool at the base. There is a splendid view of an ancient pagoda and a SHAN ROYAL TOMB from the rice fields. There is lime stone cave is beside the fall.

Afterwards, continue walking through Farming villages, with panoramic views of paddy, seasonal crops, mountains, streams and see the life style of SHAN villages, with women weaving baskets and making hand fans from bamboo.

Board a long tail boat and travel upstream with mountains, valleys, and fruit plantations along the river. Make a visit to a SHAN village which has typical houses with charming gardens and walk uphill for 45 minutes to a monastery set on its own in the forest monastery. Return by boat.